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Multi-MistTM Cast OutTM  
Odor eliminator spray
Eliminates foul odors at their source, including smoke odors

Multi-MistTM Cast OutTM actually removes odors instead of masking or covering them up. Attacks odors at their source including smoke, cooking, and pet odors. Suitable for use on virtually all water-safe surfaces. Comes in a convenient spray bottle and contains no caustics or acids. Also available in bulk for fogging and heavy industrial applications.

APPLICATIONS:  Recommended for use in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, day care centers, restrooms, waiting rooms, laundries, kitchens, kennels, carpeted lobbies, rental automobiles, fleet vehicles and other areas where odor is a concern.


To ensure proper results and safe handling, always read product labels for complete directions and precautions before using any Mantek product.

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