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SealshotTM Aerosol  
Aerosol rubberized coating
Seals, protects, insulates with a flexible, rubberized coating

SealshotTM protects against moisture, rust, and corrosion. It is tough enough to use on most metal surfaces and will even withstand the impact of road gravel and flying stones. It dries to a tough, flexible, rubberized coating and provides maximum durability. Will not sag, drip, or peel. Sealshot also protects and seals to keep out moisture, salt, road chemicals, dust, and dirt. Prevents rust and corrosion from forming and will not freeze or crack in the cold. Black color helps hide soiling, it's impervious to water, and it insulates and soundproofs.

APPLICATIONS:  Recommended for use on auto frames, basement wall cracks, condensate pans, construction equipment, cooling towers, door panels, drain systems, fenders, hoods, gas tanks, heavy trucks, hoists, cranes, metal sinks, metal walls and ducts, piping, rain gutters, roofs, vehicle undercarriages, wheel wells, and many other places and equipment.


To ensure proper results and safe handling, always read product labels for complete directions and precautions before using any Mantek product.

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